The BISEPS-tool has the ambition to (partly) replace expensive and time-consuming energy audits at business cluster level, making energy investment decisions more straight forward and therefore more likely.

The BISEPS tool is an open-source user-friendly tool to determine the optimal low carbon technology solutions for business clusters, exploiting potential energy synergies.

  • The main target group for the tool are business clusters managers aiming to realise money savings and reduce their CO2 emissions.
  • General (energy) data from the cluster and the individual business serve as input for the tool.
  • The BISEPS output will be personalised, detailed and professional advise on which energy solutions fit the best for your particular business cluster.
  • The optimal configuration will be the result of a combination of technical, economical, financial, legal, spatial and organisational parameters.
  • The tool will contain guidelines for the implementation of the proposed energy solutions at business cluster.

The BISEPS tool is currently under construction. Once finalised the tool will be made available here to be used by business cluster managers and other interested parties.