BISEPS recommendations are now available!

29 Apr

A new report with recommendations from the BISEPS project is now available, bringing together the experiences from the partners gained through the living labs. These recommendations will help anyone who wants to support businesses in the energy transition, and targets business park developers and managers, as well as local authorities.

The report combines recommendations originating from 3 deliverables of the project:

  1. Recommendations on the process of developing living labs
    All partners defined a living lab and developed renewable energy business cases together with the companies. These recommendations share the knowledge on do’s and don’ts in the process of developing a business case with other organisations wanting to investigate a business case.
  2. Recommendations on organizing unburdening trajectories
    All partners organized the support to businesses to move from business case towards realization of an energy project. This is also an overview of do’s and don’ts that facilitators can use when wanting to support businesses in going from a business case to a realized project.
  3. Recommendations on how to enable businesses to invest in sustainable energy
    These recommendations give insight in how to organize and facilitate processes to enable businesses to invest in sustainable energy (eg. create a step-by-step action plan; involve and motivate businesses; map data, needs, ambitions, options, barriers and drivers; apply the REACT-tool made by UGent within the framework of the project; feasibility studies, business cases and unburdening trajectories; quadruple helix cooperation)

The partnership also focused on social/organizational recommendations as this is the core of the project. Partners want to facilitate the take-up of sustainable energy by companies. Therefore, through these recommendations, they want to show the process they went through and share their experiences with anyone else who wants to facilitate the process.

The full report is available in the download section of the BISEPS website or can be downloaded here.