Leiedal | Belgium

Intercommunale Leiedal organises the cooperation of 13 cities and municipalities in the Kortrijk region (300,000 inhabitants) on socio-economic development of the region. Leiedal supports policies of cities and municipalities in the field of spatial planning, spatial design, e-government, mobility, local low carbon strategies, networking and participation and others.

Leiedal developed an intermunicipal sustainable energy action plan (EU Covenant of Mayors) in which local authorities‘ priorities of CO2 reduction are defined, and supports implementation and participation. Leiedal is the regional key player in the development of business parks (greenfield and brownfield development) and in the revitalisation of the existing business parks. As a major regional stakeholder, Leiedal takes responsibility to contribute to the ambitions of EU, cities and municipalities.

Role of Leiedal in the BISEPS-project: Leiedal is project leader and responsible for the living lab in South West Flanders. Leiedal will operationally integrate the sustainable energy issue in business park (re)development in order to reduce the regional energy cost, the energy dependency and to remain a competitive and attractive region.

For more information: website Leiedal.