BISEPS stands for Business clusters Integrated Sustainable Energy PackageS. The Interreg 2 Seas project aims to reduce CO2 emissions at business cluster level by creating energy synergies among businesses (Read more)


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Typically, the focus of energy policy is on supporting businesses to become sustainable on its own and, in the process, often neglect possible intra-company synergies. The diversity of the companies found on business clusters however reflects itself also in their energy use profiles and potential for sustainable energy production. A small but energy-intensive smelting company positioned next to a large logistic operating hub is an illustrative example. The smelter simply has no available space for solar panels to provide sustainable power for its electric smelter, while the logistics operator will not make the investment because of their low energy use. However it would make total sense when looking at it from the perspective of the business cluster. This is where the BISEPS project comes in!