Living labs


Five business parks in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK, serve as living labs to test and improve the BISEPS model tool.

In these business clusters, practical business cases on energy synergies are developed. Businesses in the living labs will benefit from the development of these business cases to prepare investments in sustainable energy. They will be guided in the implementation process of these cases in order to realize investments.

The five living labs run through parallel trajectories. In a first phase the energy demand, potential production locations and supply barriers will be mapped. In a second phase potential investments will be identified. Finally, solutions will be tested in real-life in the business parks. Running through similar processes in 5 living labs creates mutual support and exchange of knowhow, robustness and transferability of outputs.

The living labs are situated in Breda region (NL), South West Flanders (BE), Mid West Flanders (BE), Lille region (FR) and West Sussex County (UK).

Download the living labs business cases here: