The BISEPS-tool will be the result of a learning-by-doing approach.

In two parallel processes, both a theoretical draft BISEPS-tool and a practical business case on energy synergies in five business clusters will we developped.

The draft BISEPS-tool will be based on experience and on theoretical insights from other projects (e.g. SAFE-ICE and ACE), scientific literature, etc. The demand side input for the draft BISEPS-tool will be a very limited set of data from the individual businesses.

In the five living labs extensive feasibility studies will be performed.

The results of both processes in terms of optimal energy solutions will be compared for the five living labs. The identified gap in results will serve as an evaluation for the draft BISEPS-tool. The tool will be adapted to the real-life experience in the living labs, and will be further improved.

The result will be a BISEPS-tool, tested in real-life, to be used in any existing business cluster.

In the next project phase, the tool will be customized to be applicable on new business clusters.