Step-by-step guidebook

During the BISEPS project, eight organisations in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK set out to engage SMEs in the energy transition by setting up test sites, or ‘living labs’. Businesses were supported to work together to achieve economies of scale and other mutual benefits. This approach helped to ‘unburden’ SMEs in the transition towards clean energy.

Based on the experiences from each of the living labs, a step-by-step guidebook was developed, that sets out best practice in starting the energy transition within business parks.

Through 7 clear steps, the guidebook illustrates how to design the process towards clean energy for business parks, while reducing the burden of that process for SMEs.

This guide will help you to answer questions for business parks or groups of businesses considering the transition to clean energy, such as:

  • What does a future proof business park look like? What are the challenges ahead and how can innovation help overcome them? What is possible today in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK?
  • What are successful strategies for engaging businesses in the energy transition? How can it be made easier for SMEs to benefit from the energy transition? How can businesses cooperate on energy issues?
  • How to trigger investment in sustainable energy on business parks? What are the most effective business models?

Download the step-by-step-guidebook here: