WVI | Belgium

WVI is an intermunicipal association for regional development and works for 54 municipalities in the province of West Flanders. WVI develops and manages business parks, realizes housing projects and gives municipalities advice in the fields of spatial & mobility planning and environment, nature, energy & climate topics. The WVI offices are situated in Brugge.

WVI, in cooperation with the province of West Flanders, helped 29 municipalities in signing the Covenant of Mayors and now works out 5 Strategic Energy Action Plans. WVI is also regional coordinator for the Flemish Energy Loan.

When WVI develops business parks, sustainability measures are taken into account. WVI was partner in the Interreg IVB 2 Seas project and cluster ACE and SAFE-ICE about renewable energy on new to develop business parks.

Role of WVI in the BISEPS-project: WVI is partner in BISEPS to go a step further and look into the topic of the introduction of renewable energy on existing business parks. POM and WVI share a living lab in the region Roeselare-Tielt to investigate the possibilities of renewable energy production along the Canal Roeselare-Leie and to prepare their implementation.

For more information: website WVI.