Breda | Netherlands

Breda is a city in the southern part of the Netherlands with more than 180.000 inhabitants. Breda wants to be carbon neutral by 2044. To achieve this goal the city has to work together with partners. Therefore Breda signed a climate act with citizens, companies and knowledge institutes, energy corporations and green business. Some initiatives have already been realized, such as wind turbines and largescale photovoltaics on business parks with commitment of companies. Breda wants to broaden this and stimulates further initiatives to realize further carbon reduction.

Role of Breda in the project: Breda will manage the living lab in the Netherlands, and will be coordinate the cooperation among the different living labs.

To achieve this reduction Breda stimulates a bottom up approach. Supply and demand are brought together by the businesses themselves. This approach has the best results because businesses feel committed to their own goals. Breda supports this approach by giving assistance through their employees and handing out subsidies.

For more information: website Breda.