Ghent University, Power-Link | Belgium

Power-Link, the energy knowledge platform of Ghent University, bundles, disseminates and supports fundamental and applied, innovative and creative research in the field of sustainable and renewable energy. As a network partner, Power-Link links the corporate and the research world and stimulates the innovation and implementation of new energy technologies.

Based in the GreenBridge incubator in Ostend, Power-Link promotes energy in the broad sense, with a focus on saving energy, improving energy performance and increasing energy efficiency.

Power-Link offers administrative and communicative support for scientific research projects, leads demonstration and educational projects and exploits research infrastructure.

Role of Power-Link in the BISEPS project: Power-Link develops, in close collaboration with the other partners, the BISEPS-tool and is the communication and dissemination manager of the project.

For more information: website Power-Link, UGent.