The Manor Royal Living Lab | UK

Manor Royal Business District is one of south east England’s premier mixed activity employment hubs. It covers an area of 240 hectares next to Crawley town centre and is home to approximately 500 businesses employing 30,000 people in a huge variety of companies.

Since 2013 Manor Royal has also been home to the UK’s largest “industrial” Business Improvement District. The BID has fostered the development of a common identity and community for Manor Royal. It has led in the analysis of problems for businesses, particularly around infrastructure and taken practical action to increase the attractiveness of the area.

Manor Royal was identified as the West Sussex Living Lab since there are rising concerns about access to secure and affordable energy. There is also a desire by businesses to reduce environmental impact of their activities and a recognition that this is better done cooperatively. Moreover, the BID provides an proven way of engaging with firms of all sizes.

Involved project partners: West-Sussex County Council.