The South West Flanders Living Lab | Belgium

The economy of South-West-Flanders consists mainly of small and medium-sized companies, even though large scale worldwide market-leading companies are present too. In the densly urbanized region of South West Flanders, BISEPS will focus on the main industrial parks in the municipalities of Kortrijk, Kuurne, Harelbeke and Waregem.

> The business park Waregem Zuid is chosen because of the presence of very dynamic and enthusiast entrepreneurs which are open for investments in renewable energy. Some bigger companies are actually already investigating the potential of windturbines, battery storage an combined heat and power (CHP), which creates a lot of opportunities for synergies. Furthermore a flourishing business park association (“Bedrijvenpark Waregem-Zuid vzw”) supports collaborative actions on the park. The association is managed by a board of entrepreneurs and a professional business park manager.

> The business parks of Kortrijk Noord and Harelbeke Zuid are currently revitalized (new road design and public space, better mobility, safety issues, etc.). Maximizing the sustainable energy production is added as a new dimension in the revitalization process through BISEPS. Emerging cooperation among businesses will be reinforced through the creation of energy synergies. By focusing on secure, stable and competitive energy supply, better business conditions will be created and jonbs and investments in the region will be secured.

In this living lab the focus will be on the generation of renewable energy through (small and medium scale) windturbines and solar panels.

Involved project partners: Leiedal and POM.

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