MEL | France

The European Metropolis of Lille is a public inter-municipal cooperation gathering 90 municipalities (nearly 1,1 million inhabitants). Its core competences include public transportation, water and sanitation, urban waste, town planning and urban regeneration, economic development and culture and sport facilities.

The MEL manages about 180 business parks spread out over its territory. It is one of the main actors in the development of such areas, implementing its local strategy throughout the coordination of public-private organisations. Recently, a new concept has been implemented: Business parks 21. It aims at promoting the development of eco-friendly business parks, testing new solutions that could be transposed to more conventional sites.

The area also needs to find new ways of developing its economic attractiveness and to increase its share of renewable energies to match with regional, national and European goals that have been proposed. Analysing business needs for renewable energies in those economic sites, and creating integrated solutions should help us encourage private initiatives, and design appropriate solutions matching local needs.

Role of MEL in the BISEPS-project: MEL coordinates, together with CD2E, the living lab in Lille.

For more information: MEL website.