Green Deal Energy transition on Business Parks in Breda

22 Feb

Building communities on business parks’ to reinforce the energy transition are on track.

Within the BISEPS framework, the Platform BV Breda is founded by and made for entrepreneurs on the business parks. It cooperates with the municipality of Breda and educational institutes to unburden companies to realize rooftop solar PV. The Platform BV Breda is setting up an organization Stichting Breda-Energie, which will rolled-out solar PV panels on  all industrial areas in Breda.

Other partners are Hezelaer Energy, Enexis BV (Enpuls) and BOM.

It is an initiative for and by companies on the business parks. Arranging the energy transition together by filling up all business roofs with solar panels and transferring the energy that is left with the stichting Bredase Energie to other companies in Breda.

The Green Deal Energy Transition pack was officialy signed on 20th February 2019.

You find the full press release here.