BISEPS Policy Recommendations on electricity sharing

17 Apr

Based on the input from the experts on the Cross Border Task Force about Electricity Sharing, the BISEPS consortium has formulated key policy recommendations on electricity sharing among businesses:

  1. To increase the production of renewable energy there should be a larger focus on business parks, because of the opportunities for economies of scale.
  2. Although electricity sharing will not be the game changer, it can increase overall RE production by unlocking potential. This is particularly true at business park level.
  3. Moreover, electricity sharing could serve as solution to avoid consumption peaks thereby reducing the necessity to further invest in grid infrastructure.
  4. The profits from electricity sharing should origin from the electricity price, not from the avoidance of tariffs and taxes.
  5. For Flanders: The governance structure of the DSOs (consisting of local authorities, sharing in the profits) does not encourage the DSOs to charge grid users the effective price for the use of the grid. This mismatch between the objectives of the DSO governors (aiming for higher profits) and the necessary conditions for a solid (renewable) energy market obstructs fair grid charging.

You find the general conclusions from the expert meeting here.

You find the full report from the expert meeting here.